Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hello! Today I have a polish that I have been waiting for...for what it seems like forever. Ninja Polish is always sold out and when they do have more stock, they go in the blink of an eye. So I am thrilled to finally get my hands on Nail-venturous Floam!

I actually found this on Copious, I had some credits so I got this polish for around $5 which was pretty exciting, considering anyone who re-sells it, sells it for around $20, $25. Yeep!

If you aren't familiar with Copious it is like an Etsy Pinterest, they give away credits all of the time and just for signing up you get $10 off of your first $20 purchase, which is pretty dang cool. Then you get $5 for everyone you refer, so if you want to grab some deals check it out, here is referral link.

I have Floam over OPI Fly, not for any particular reason. To be honest, I got the Floam delivery at work and COULD NOT wait to put it on. So over Fly it went. This is 2 coats of Floam over Fly. No top coat, as
Floam is a matte glitter. THIS IS THE COOLEST NAIL POLISH EVER! Go find it, go buy it, the end.


There you have it, after months of waiting, she's-a mine! Go buy some, do it. See you next time, my lovely polished ladies!


  1. Floam is so cool! Very nice and congrats. I wish I could use Copious! I didn't realize til I'd already signed up that it was US only :(

    1. Oh no! I usually put that if I tell someone about Copious, I must not have this time. That's too bad :( Copious isn't that fun anymore anyways, less free things haha.